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ESL Literacy Bundle: Differentiated Reading, Writing & Vocabulary Activities

ESL Literacy Bundle: Differentiated Reading, Writing & Vocabulary Activities


ESL Literacy Back to School Bundle: Differentiated Reading,Writing & Vocabulary Activities

I began putting this bundle together with this question in mind:


"If I was to create a teaching resource that could drastically make ESL teachers’ job not only easier, but also more enjoyable...What would I include?"


I decided that the collection of resources I was going to create would need to:


  • Cover the entire skill range from Beginners to Upper-Intermediate|Advanced
  • Contain a wide range of differentiated activities. ESL Classrooms are very often mixed ability classrooms, especially at beginner level. Teachers often find that there is a very large gap in the level of language proficiency amongst students from the same classroom, which calls for the need to have access to resources exploring the same topic, but tailored to different levels of language proficiency. These resources would also have to be available in digital format, to cater for the different circumstances that may arise such as lockdowns and school closures which require DISTANCE LEARNING.
  • Contain Reading and Writing resources that interconnect, allowing the teacher flexibility in how he|she decides to approach specific concepts. A flexible approach and an abundance of options is more likely to keep students engaged, making it a much more enjoyable experience for the teacher as well as the students themselves.


I put together my best-selling ESL resources in one bundle, hoping to achieve the objectives outlined above.


There is a total of 450+ pages of No-Prep Activities, 149 Task Cards and 579 Bonus Clipart|Graphic Elements relevant to ESL topics.


Inside you will find a wide selection of reading resources both Fiction and Non-Fiction. There are Short Stories, Reading Passages, Newspaper Extracts, Historical Informational Texts as well as Contemporary ones. Each text comes with a set of questions and activities that allow students to practise and consolidate effective reading strategies such as: identifying the Main IdeaSummarisingSequencing, identifying Cause & Effect, drawing Conclusions and Making Inferences, distinguishing Fact from Opinion, identifying the Author’s Purpose, making Predictions and Retrieving and recording information as well as identifying key details from Fiction and Non-Fiction texts. Different sets of Task Cards and Posters are also included.


Along with the reading resources I have included a variety of writing activities covering the different writing stiles: FictionalNarrative , PersonalInformationalExpositoryPersuasive and Argumentative. There are Writing Prompts, Picture Prompts, Story Starters and more! For a number of styles as well as activities there are Powerpoint Presentations and Lesson Plans.


The vocabulary activities are designed for students new to the English Language and are designed for your students to be able to work relatively independently. If you are an ESL specialist and find that much of the material available does not provide enough exposure to vocabulary and beginner concepts, you will find this section helpful. Use this to introduce new vocabulary, concepts, homework, fast finishers, etc.


Detailed List:

  • ESL ENGLISH SHORT STORIES + Questions VOL.1 (Levels: Beginner - Intermediate)
  • ESL ENGLISH SHORT STORIES + Questions VOL. 2 (Levels: Pre-Intermediate - Upper-Intermediate)
  • Short Guided Reading Passages with Activities (Levels: Pre-Intermediate)
  • Guided Reading Task Cards (Levels: Pre-Intermediate - Advanced)
  • Main idea & Summarising: Reading Passages with Differentiated Activities (Levels: Pre-Intermediate - Upper-Intermediate|Advanced)
  • Sequencing | Cause & Effect: Reading Passages with Differentiated Activities (Levels: Pre-Intermediate - Upper-Intermediate)
  • Short Stories & Comprehension Activities (Levels: Elementary)
  • Reading Comprehension: Short Stories & Activities (Levels: Beginner -Elementary)
  • Reading Comprehension Texts & Activities (Levels: Pre-Intermediate)
  • ESL Persuasive Writing Unit (Levels:Upper-Intermediate|Advanced)
  • Writing Picture Prompts (Levels: Pre-Intermediate)
  • Writing Activities: Fictional, Narrative , Personal, Informational, Expository, Persuasive and Argumentative Text (Levels: Intermediate - Advanced)
  • INFERENCE Question Cards & Differentiated Activities for ESL (Levels: Intermediate)
  • Story Writing: ESL Writing Center (Levels:Upper - Elementary)
  • ESL Mixed Differentiated Activities: Reading, Grammar & Vocabulary (Levels:Intermediate - Upper-Intermediate)
  • ESL Newcomers: Vocabulary Games & Differentiated Activities (NO PREP) (Levels: Beginner)


FULL ANSWER BOOKLETS for all vocabulary activities


The entire resource is also available on Google Slides making this resource perfect for DISTANCE LEARNING as well as Classroom use. Inside the zip folders, along with the main product, you will find a pdf document with the Google Slide Access Link.


A number of resources, such as the Inference Cards and some of the Reading Passages, as well as having the standard copy on Google Slides, also come with an EDITABLE version.


Exclusive to this bundle is also a pack of 579 Professionally Illustrated Clipart|Graphic Elements relevant to ESL topics. The images are grouped by topic, so you can further customise your own version of the cards if you wish to do so . Each image has transparent background so you can easily blend it in with any resource.

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