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ESL LISTENING & DISCUSSION Differentiated Song Activities (Wonderwall - Oasis)

ESL LISTENING & DISCUSSION Differentiated Song Activities (Wonderwall - Oasis)


ESL LISTENING & DISCUSSION Differentiated Song Activities (Wonderwall - Oasis)


Looking for a fun and engaging cultural activity for your ESL Students?

What better place to start exploring a new culture than music?



This mixed pack of activities centres around one of the most iconic contemporary British songs of all time: “Wonderwall” by Oasis.


The activities are differentiated and the entire resource is designed to allow flexibility in terms of teaching approach. The opener activity involves analysing the lyrics to “Wonderwall”. The intermediate + students are invited to come up with their own personal ideas and interpretations of the song’s meaning, referring to specific parts of the text to back up their ideas. Additionally there is a grammar activity on the use of SHOULD/SHOULDN’T HAVE + PAST PARTICIPLE to consolidate this particular grammar concept and understand how it’s used in sentences by referring to the lyrics of the song. These activities can be done orally as a class discussion or in small groups, as well as independently in writing.


The following activity involves rewriting a short story. The story describes Jose’s plans for the future. Students then have to imagine that Jose wasn’t able to follow through with his plans and write a similar story, as Jose, 3 years later, reflecting upon his choices and mistakes. The key element here is the use of SHOULD/SHOULDN’T HAVE + PAST PARTICIPLE to convey each idea. The activity is differentiated and clear examples are given in terms of what would be expected from Elementary level students and Intermediate + level students respectively. Again you can choose whether to do it as an oral activity or in writing.


The next section contains Vocabulary-building activities such as:


  • Word-searches
  • Crosswords
  • Magic Squares
  • Matching Games
  • Multiple Choice Questions and more


These are particularly useful to elementary students in need of expanding their vocabulary. The activities can also be done independently, if circumstances require so, such as in mixed ability classrooms.


In the final section of the resource a short text containing a summarized version of Oasis’ Biography is provided. The text can be used as a Reading activity or as a Listening activity. The text comes with Spelling and Punctuation activities such as:


  • Spelling Quests
  • Punctuation Practice
  • Mixed-up Text


The entire resource is also available on Google Slides. Inside the main product, you will find a page with the Google Slides Access Link.

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