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ESL Games| Warmers | Ice-Breakers (Suitable for Distance Learning)

ESL Games| Warmers | Ice-Breakers (Suitable for Distance Learning)


ESL ENGLISH Games| Warmers | Ice-Breakers


A fun way for your English Language Learners to practice their conversational skills and become familiar with Elementary ESL vocabulary! It will help students to recognize, repeat and read basic vocabulary words and short sentences, as well as put their english skills in action in a real life social setting. The activities allow students to actively participate while remaining within their English comfort level and they can be a great warm-up at the start the lesson as well as a finisher.

The activity set works great in a classroom setting as well as for Distance Learning which is why I have made the entire product available on Google Slides ( Access link and instructions can be found in document inside the folder) as well as in standard pdf Print & Go format.


Materials Needed:


  • A4 paper
  • Printer
  • Toilet roll ( no need to panic, it's just for one of the games)
  • Ball of string
  • Newspaper


These games were created in such a way as to allow flexibility, making it easy for the teacher to customize and adapt each activity to the level of the students in the classroom. Many of the games involve choosing words or sentences and using them in a specific context. The teacher can take advantage of this by choosing vocabulary and elements from the topic currently being studied and including it in the game. This can be done for a variety of grammar-based topics such as: Present SimplePast SimplePresent ContinuousPrepositions etc... as well as for vocabulary-based topics such as: RoutinesHobbiesHolidaysSportsMusic etc..


Includes 62 Premium Graphics Food Flashcards ( required for one of the activities)

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