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ESL Games, Speaking & Vocabulary-Building Activities Vol.1

ESL Games, Speaking & Vocabulary-Building Activities Vol.1


ESL Games, Speaking & Vocabulary-Building Activities Vol.1


Looking for new games and activities to get your ESL students talking?


This is the first of 2 volumes of multi-use speaking games activities: Conversation StartersEnergizersTeam-Building GamesVocabulary - Building Activities and Picture Speaking Prompts ( can be used as a writing activity as well as a speaking one) for Beginner - Pre-Intermediate ESL Learners. These games can be used as warmersearly-finishers or main activities. Each game comes with a set of clear instructions as well as material needed. The activities are designed to allow flexibility and can be easily altered according to the students’ needs.


The Games |& Activities included are:


  • Turning Tables
  • Detective On-Scene
  • Mall Thought Chain
  • Quick Thinking Challenge
  • Undercover Agent
  • Odd Socks
  • The Polygraph Game
  • Weekend in a Flash
  • It’s Not What I Say, It’s What I Mean!
  • Lost
  • Would You Rather…?
  • Tell Me About…. (Word Challenge)


The “Would You Rather…” is played using 24 Task Cards , which you fill find inside the download folder (laminate for long-term use). As the name suggests the game is completely based on Would You Rather type questions. The questions have been designed to ensure the maximum amount of fun and engagement. Some of them will really have the students think hard!

The “Tell Me About…” is played using 8 Larger Task Cards, each containing a series of questions. These are fantastic for ice-breakers, as they will allow newcomers to discover more about each other.


The following section contains 5 pages of Picture Speaking Prompts. Each page contains an image and a series of boxes with questions, which provide an initial structure template for students to begin developing Descriptive Speaking Skills.


The last section contains 20 pages of Vocabulary-Building Activities and Games including a FULL ANSWER BOOKLET. Exercises can be done in groups, as a class or independently. All activities are professionally illustrated to provide visual clues which are especially important for beginner learners.


The entire resource is also available on Google Slides. Inside the main product, you will find a page with the Google Slide Access Link.

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