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ESL ENGLISH Writing Prompts Mini-Pack (Pre-Intermediate)

ESL ENGLISH Writing Prompts Mini-Pack (Pre-Intermediate)


ESL ENGLISH Writing Prompts Mini-Pack (Pre-Intermediate)

Writing prompt pictures are useful guides that direct learners to write about a particular topic.

Picture prompts for writing at Pre-Intermediate level are an effective way to stimulate ideas in students of all ages. When your students are stumped for ideas in your creative writing lessons, you can simply bring out these picture prompts to help them think of new and imaginative ideas.

:Alongside the picture prompts, there is also a set of questions that ask your pupils to write what they think about the picture. This is a great way for them to think of and write down their initial ideas. For higher ability student or older classes, why not encourage them to write the full story on a separate piece of paper afterwards?

This resource is also suitable for Grades 3 - 5 Native English-Speaking Students

As well as the Writing Prompts activities you will find 14 handy writing prompt posters that are perfect for helping students to remember some of the skills they are learning to use in their writing.

The poster set includes many of the grammatical skills children often need reminding of, such as where to use full stops, commas, and capital letters. It also includes posters with more practical reminders, such as the correct way to hold a pencil and maintain neat handwriting. This makes these posters a great tool for helping keep your students focused on all the new writing skills they're learning.

What's Included:

- 11 Pages of Writing Prompts Activities with Beautiful Visuals

- 14 Writing Prompt Posters

- 10 Pages of Pre-Intermediate Vocabulary Exercises including:

Magic Squares
Secret Trails
Multiple Choice Questions and more.
- Answer Booklet


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