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Classroom Jobs (Ayudantes del Salón) – EDITABLE Wall Posters in Spanish

Classroom Jobs (Ayudantes del Salón) – EDITABLE Wall Posters in Spanish


Classroom Jobs (Ayudantes del Salón) – EDITABLE Wall Posters in Spanish


Establishing Classroom Jobs is a fantastic and fun way to help you manage your classroom and student behaviour. Not only does it help you keep your classroom organized, it also empowers young learners by assigning them responsibilities and allowing them to see themselves as an important asset of a well-functioning learning environment.


These posters are perfect for K-5 Spanish ImmersionBilingual or Dual Language classrooms.
There are 88 posters, 11 x 17 inch in size, included. They can be printed in different dimensions and a Printing Guide is included in the download folder.

Male and Female LATINO characters are included, to emphasize the cultural aspect. Job roles have been specifically chosen to sound appealing to young learners.

Here is a list of the roles:


  • Supervisor/a de Conducta
  • Experto/a en Energías
  • Mensajero/a Oficial
  • Gerente de Sillas
  • Supervisor/a de Puertas
  • Substituto/a
  • Bibliotecario/a
  • Comandante de Lápices
  • Experto/a en Sonido
  • Jefe/a de Papeles
  • Ayudante del Baño
  • Ayudante del Maestro/a
  • Supervisor/a del Reciclaje
  • Técnico/a del Desayuno
  • Jefe/a de Limpieza
  • Meteorólogo/a
  • Supervisor/a de Meriendas
  • Monitor de Horarios
  • Líder de Filas
  • De Vacaciones
  • Jefe/a de Jardinería


There are 2 copies of each poster: one contains a brief job description in Spanish and the other one doesn't.

Additionally an EDITABLE copy of each poster is available on Google Slides. This allows teachers to use these posters for a wider range of age groups. Some of the job

descriptions maybe a bit too advanced for the youngest learners and the EDITABLE templates allow teachers to customise the posters to their students' level of language proficiency.

The font used to create these posters is also included in the download so you can customise the posters whilst preserving the original look. The font can be used freely both for personal and commercial use.

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